No cats used in my breeding program are rehomed entire, please don't ask.
They are entitled to a life of leisure after their duties as a stud or queen.

Our Queens and Our Future

Bee Bardot
Name: Saph.Gd. Ch Chriscott Bee Bardot
Sire: Chriscott All Yu Need is Luv
Dam: Lapchums Dream Works
Type: Black tortie Van Exotic
About: Bee Bardot is a real character and
 loves nothing more than sleeping
on my marble table.
  Bee Bardot was COY 2011 Group 1
Bee Bardot is retired from breeding      



Bee Bardots little Princess Bee

Sandra Dee 





Name: CHriscott Sandra Dee
Sire:  Gd.Ch. Skybank It's Kinda Magic
Dam: Saph Gd Ch Chriscott Bee Bardot
Type: Blue Tabby Van Exotic
About: Sandra Dee is the future of Chriscott
happy little soul just like her Mum

Name:          Chriscott Avachat
Dam:             Admat Sugarspun Candy
Type:            seal pt female
About:          Avie is a lovely girl lots of character
                     and loves being a Mum

        Meet Avachats Lil Baby (staying)


     Chriscott Chokolat Bliss - our future show girl
                           not for sale


    Chriscott Wannabee a Star (Bumble)

    Sire:  Skybank It's Kinda Magic
    Dam:  Loretto Secret Rendevouz

    Our future little Star!!!    

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