Chriscott Carioke

Sadly we lost Carioke today 17 April
absolutely devastating - after having eye surgery
a couple of weeks ago.   Carioke was
such an easy going girl and the daughter of Choccy.

Chriscott Rock n Robin


Sadly Robin left us today 11th Jan
following a suspected bite, he was such a gorgeous fella

Chriscott Jus Delish
Chriscott Jus Delish
Jus Delish was true to her name - gorgeous little girl so happy and easy going everybody's best friend. Delish was just a delight and is missed so much in our home, always such a happy little girl.
Chriscott Dulux
Chriscott Dulux left us last August after only being with us for 6 months - it was devastating to lose him so young. One day he was here the next he was gone - it was soul destroying as he was such a lovely fella.