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 Please read our conditions of sale they are not extreme but over the years found it necessary to have not every person is honest sadly

Are you looking for that special friend, persians and
exotics are like an
extra pair of slippers, they love humans,
comb or brush once week fed twice day
and they love you for life

All our breed lines are tested clear for PKD
Please SMS or call on 0403850823
or email
We have bred exotics/persians since
and shown to titles
 Our new babies


Tabbee a Doll

Benjamin Button

These babies are ready in about 4 weeks, great pedigree, raised in our home
cheeky, balls of mischief

Are you looking for super friendly purring machines meet

Are you looking for a cheeky, playful pair Joker and his brother Jack
are gorgeous black bicolour persian boys desexed, chipped and vaccd

We have babies - persian blue male and female

         Johnny and sis    
Chriscott  Johnny ready  desexed, vet checked
final vaccs and chip to indoor homes
Cheeky mischievious full of fun


Jewel is available desexed, chipped, vaccd after
cancellation further vet checked and ready now 

 All our pet kittens are sold desexed this is not an option
it is also law


 Do not place kittens in the area of air perfume diffusers they are toxic including in vehicles, we will not be responsible for the damage they cause
as there are so many warnings re the toxicity of these diffusers to humans and pets.


A part payment of $200 is required to hold a pet kitten of your choice until the kitten is of age to leave or desexed.  Initial part payments to hold a kitten are not refundable. Kittens are usually ready to leave at 12 - 14 weeks depending on the kitten. Any monies paid will be forfeited if the kitten is cancelled after a initial part payment is paid

We don't sell cheap kittens, but quality kittens with excellent pedigrees all vet work done, raised in our home on a fresh natural diet.


All kittens must be paid for in full prior to desexing.



All kittens are litter trained, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Our kittens are all given a final vet check at desexing.   They are all raised on a fresh raw diet and we use only Wood pellet Litter or paper pellets. Please make sure a suitable carrier is available for collection of your pet as kittens will not be released without.      Carriers are available from Chris if you should require.

Should you have other cats or a multi cat household please make sure your
cats are clear of any illness before introducing a new kitten who's immune is
not fully developed.  The stress of a new kitten can cause an ill older cat
to suffer this is not fair on the older cat or kitten or ultimately the breeder

Our kittens are all thoroughly vet checked at desexing or they are not desexed
if found to have even a slight issue.

We will not fly kittens until 10 days after surgery for females
don't ask it's not an option they need to recover and
not be placed under further stress


Chriscott Exotics do not pay vet bills from vets not nominated by Chriscott
should an issue arise within 7 days of adoption, owners must inform
Chris Scott should any issue arise prior to seeking vet treatment
Our Veterinarians are respected vets in the treatment of our feline friends.
Chriscott recommended vets 
are Steve  at Applecross veterinary Clinic or Brunswick Vet Clinic
Chriscott do not offer refunds. If the kitten should die as a
result of a genetic disease as verified by veterinarians an autopsy
at owners expense we will offer
a replacement, shipping/ vet fees extra to buyer/owner.
Please read our conditions of sale we do not pay
veterinarian bills after 7 days nor within 7 days if you have not
advised us of the problem should one arise

Persians/exotics are not the buy and forget pet they need attention
grooming, feeding they do not live outdoors



All Chriscott kittens are litter trained on wood pellets or paper pellets, fed a raw diet and
supplemented with Royal Canin Kitten 36 biscuits
and desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

We can ship interstate at buyers expense




                 please email any enquiries to Chris at                                             




Please contact Chris for enquiries at
Phone: 0403850823




 inside cat


Whether Canine or Feline

happy fellas

Updated 19th February 2018


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